Canopy Safari Manuel Antonio
Canopy Safari Manuel Antonio


Sail high above the rainforest canopy and experience Manuel Antonio's most popular adventure sport: the canopy zip line.   This exhilarating tour was actually invented in Costa Rica, and has since been featured on the Discovery Channel. This is an adventure for people of all ages and interests, and is certainly one of the highlights of Costa Rica.

Now featuring: 18 platforms,10 zip lines, 2 rappel lines, 1 suspension bridge,1 "Tarzan swing", restaurant, butterfly farm, serpentarium and fishing pond!!!

Canopy Safari provides tourists a unique activity and ecological experience, and almost anyone of any age can participate!  Young children can be carried by the guides. You do not need to be in great physical condition and it is not strenuous. This tour offers an adventurous tourist the opportunity to ascend into the forest canopy and see jungle life from a perspective available previously to only a select few researchers and photographers

Our company objective is to provide tourists a unique activity and ecological experience while at the same time helping to aid in the preservation of the world's endangered rainforest through direct financial support to conservation, education, and reforestation efforts.

The canopy course is constructed so that there is very little impact on the sensitive ecological balance that exists in the rainforest. Our platforms, pulleys and cables are made of non-corrosive steel. Here at Canopy Safari safety is our top priority. We perform safety checks daily on all equipment including anchors, cables, and connections.

Our harnesses, carabineers, and other equipment pass all standards set by the international association the ACCT, and approved by ICT (Costa Rican Tourist Board)



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